January 23, 2006

Sehr Windig

It's very, very windy here. It was windy yesterday, but it's even windier today. Our next door neighbor's fence blew down and we're hoping they didn't have their little dog in the yard. I wonder if ours is going to go too, since it looks very much like Randy's and was probably built at the same time (when the houses were moved 10 years ago). We're monitoring the dogs when they go outside in case of a fence breach, but they're not too keen on going outside anyway, as it's so windy their little floppy ears blow around (which is actually pretty cute). Poor Digory is going nuts. Our windows are original wood and they are banging around a bit. Digory keeps thinking someone's at the door so he barks. He was a bit anxious but now he's snuggled under the covers fast asleep.

Today I'm off to the bank, then to the doctor, then to Target perhaps to do some shopping for SOMEBODY'S birthday (I won't name any names but he'll be at the Adobe Tech Summit on the actual day, which buys me some time). I have a few things in mind but plan on being inspired as the day draws near. I'm also off to the post office. Good times!

Posted by Shelby at January 23, 2006 01:21 PM

Dear Shelby, i can now read your block, my baby sleeping after fanny day in swimmbad, well we have also much wind, but in other regions of Germany is - 30 Celisius, in Russia by my mam is just - 42 Celsius, very very cold.........
Best wishes

Posted by: ira at January 25, 2006 10:46 AM
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