February 06, 2006

Back from Napa

I'm baaaaaaaaack! Had a great last 11 days or so. First (Jan. 26) I went to San Jose and stayed with my friend Dorothy for the night. Friday the 27th I headed up to the Sonoma area to Westminster Woods, a Presbyterian camp where my friend Wendy works. I spent the weekend there at their Women's Retreat, which was a lot of fun and very spiritually refreshing. Following that, I spent Monday and Tuesday hanging out with Marc, Wendy, and Akima. Kevin came up Wednesday and we spent the night in Berkeley, having a wonderful dinner with our friends Anita and Derek. Thursday we headed up to Santa Rosa and met up with my parents for a "little" wine tasting. As if any wine tasting with my parents is little. We stayed the night in Santa Rosa and then headed over to Napa while Mom and Dad went down to Oakland to pick up Brad and Katrina. We spent Friday tasting, the 6 of us, and then headed up to the cutest little B&B in Calistoga, the Brennan Cottage Inn. Saturday Katrina hit the spa while the 5 of us made our livers quiver at the wineries. Sunday we all hit them again, and then split off as Mom and Dad dropped Brad and Katrina off at the airport while Kevin and I headed down to San Jose. Today I drove home with M & D leaving the car with Kevin. He's at Adobe's Tech Summit, a conference for employees, for the rest of the week. Scout and Digory are still with Kevin's folks so I won't see them until tomorrow. Should be a lonely night here at Chez Hogan, but I'm looking forward to seeing the pups tomorrow.

Posted by Shelby at February 6, 2006 07:47 PM
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