October 12, 2006

Help! I'm Lost!

There's a corner on the way to our house that I call the "Help! I'm lost! Intersection" because I am frequently being stopped at this particular intersection by people asking for directions. Stopped as in I'm sitting at the stop light rocking out to my iPod and someone next to me is making a frantic roll-down-your-window hand signal, followed by a shouting, "Can you tell me where...?" I bring this up because I was asked for directions yet again tonight bringing the total up to 5 (five) times I've been asked there. This particular intersection is on Harbor Blvd., about 1 mile north of Disneyland and 1 mile south of the 91 freeway. Once I've been asked where the 91 is (keep going this direction and hang in there, you'll drive right over it), three times I've been asked where Disneyland is (keep going this direction and hang in there, you can't miss it), and tonight someone wanted to know where Katella Ave. was (keep going this direction and hang in there, it's the first East-West street after Disneyland). I love performing this valuable public service.

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Posted by Shelby at October 12, 2006 11:47 PM

I've had people looking for Disneyland show up on my parent's DEAD END street. People are BAD with directions, especially to somewhere like Disneyland, being that it's so SMALL and uses so few SIGNS. Good Lord. Way to be a good citizen though!

Posted by: Sherri at October 19, 2006 10:29 AM
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