October 16, 2006

Hey, How About That?

I am now among the employed. I'm a part-time Bear Builder at the Downtown Disney location of Build-A-Bear Workshop. The way Build-A-Bear works is this: you start out picking a bear (or other animal--there are a few to choose from). The bear is unstuffed. You then move to the next station where you can pick out a sound or make your own recording which is then inserted into the bear (like in the paw). Moving again, you go to the stuffing station where there are machines of bear stuffing and the Bear Builder (me) helps you stuff your bear. After that you go over to the grooming station where you can brush its fur and whatnot. Then there are tons of clothes, shoes, and accessories that you can dress your bear up in (check the website for many of the options). You enter your name and the bear's name into a computer which generates a birth certificate, and then you get to take it home in a very cute box. It's a lot of fun as a customer, so I thought I'd give it a try as an employee. No word on my start date--they're setting up an orientation/training session that might be this Sunday. Yay for a little extra paycheck!

Posted by Shelby at October 16, 2006 01:23 PM

Oh, let it be known that Shelby also made the most AAAAdorable stuffed Beagle at her niece's Build-A-Bear birthday party a few years back.

What a fun job! You're perfect for it, Shelb!

Posted by: Katrina Rosiak at October 17, 2006 06:13 PM

Congratulations!! Do you get any "Disney" perks for working for an affiliate? I know the ones in the park do.
Also...are you exempt from wearing some stupid disney costume? 'Cause if you're not, I'm stopping by for a photo op. :)

Posted by: Sherri at October 20, 2006 11:39 AM
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