July 05, 2007

So, What Have You Been Doing These Past 15 Years?

Well I had a super-cool lunch today! A very old friend had contacted me a couple of weeks ago and we thought we'd get together and reconnect. We finally got a chance to do so today, and it was wonderful. Helen and I had actually been campers together at Girl Scout Camp (actually, counselors-in-training) at ages 15 and 16 and then worked 2 summers as staff together. Then I went off to my college ways and she went off to hers and we just kind of gradually drifted apart. So I was a bit surprised on my birthday when I got an email that said, "Hey, I have here in my calendar that it's your birthday, so I thought I'd look you up! How are you?" As it turns out, she lives right nearby in Irvine. I got a little bit lost meeting her, which is no surprise, since I could even get myself lost meeting her across the street. But once we met it was one of those situations where it feels like we'd never left. Except for that whole, "So, recount your entire adult life to me." Hee hee. Anyway, it was great to see her--yay for old friends!

Posted by Shelby at July 5, 2007 08:41 PM
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