July 06, 2007

Poor Possum

Last year we had a baby possum who ate the grapes off of our vines on our fence. We were concerned because possum+dog=not so good, but he was always out of reach. He was pretty cute, too. So this year he's been hanging around again. Well, we think it's the same possum at least.

Although I should say it was the same possum, since he is now flattened in the street outside of our house. Poor thing. We've got some jerks who drive through our street at a gazillion miles an hour and I'm quite sure he was just run over without a second thought.

Naturally this would happen on a Friday evening. It looks like animal control wouldn't be available to come pick him up until Monday. Aside from the gross factor of having a dead possum in the street, it would be impossible to try to walk either dog past him, as they would tear your arm off trying to get to him and, I don't know, roll in him? Eat him? Whatever.

Unfortunately, we've decided that Kevin should take matters into his own hands, so he's out there bagging up the remains. Maybe this will discourage the trash pickers this week.

Posted by Shelby at July 6, 2007 09:06 PM

oOOOOooohhhh, poor little guy. We have a few possums in our yard. In fact, we had an entire family of possums; Mama Possum would come chew on the fruit droppings from one of our trees in the backyard. Problem was that this tree was right outside the window where my bed is -- so I got to enjoy the sounds of possums chewing and munching in the middle of the night.

Posted by: Katrina Rosiak at July 8, 2007 08:21 PM
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