December 19, 2003

Scout Update

We took her in to the emergency vet tonight rather than waiting until tomorrow morning. Her pain level just seemed to be increasing and it was heartwrenching. The final straw for me was when she lifted a hind leg to scratch and yelped in pain. It was awful. She is also walking around with her back arched up and tail tucked in.

The good news is that the vet thought it was really minor--a muscle or bone bruise. He said she probably fell right on her back when she didn't make it on the bed this morning and bruised it. She didn't show any neurological signs or signs of spinal cord involvement. We got her started on an anti-inflammatory which should decrease her pain, and she is on very restricted activity for the next 10 days. She'll be bummed out about that, but hopefully the medicine will relieve her pain and she'll be feeling better soon.

She's a good dog.

Posted by Shelby at December 19, 2003 08:58 PM