September 30, 2009

Up at the cabin

We're up at the cabin this week and it's lovely. We got a baby backpack (it's very hard-core) and Theo loves to go out in it when Kevin takes the dogs for a walk. He's fallen asleep in it every time. Some babies need to drive around in cars to fall asleep. Mine needs to hike in a backpack in the mountains.

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September 21, 2009

How time does fly!

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September 17, 2009

Good news on the knee

I talked to the doctor and apparently I didn't damage anything else in my knee. What a relief! He thinks I just pulled/strained a muscle in there somewhere, so I'm back in physical therapy taking it very easy. I'm just glad it wasn't something horrible that required an additional surgery, because that would have seriously sucked.

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September 15, 2009

No knee news

No news from the doctor yet, regarding the CT scan they did on Friday and the "I'll call you Monday" response. I forgot to follow up today so I'll have to call tomorrow. I think my doctor is a really good surgeon, but the follow-through isn't all that great. I can, however, now pick Theo up and transport him short distances walking VERY slowly and carefully, so that's a bonus.

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September 11, 2009

Theo Hogan, World Traveler

Dropped off his passport application today!!

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September 10, 2009

Theo surprise!

Well much to everyone's surprise here, Theo has sprouted another tooth! He was busy gnawing on Kevin's finger when Kevin said wait a minute, this doesn't feel like two teeth. He ran his finger along Theo's top gum and voila! Another tooth! Like fully erupted and everything! How about that? It's not one of the two front teeth either. It's hard to tell because he doesn't like us poking around in there, but it looks like the tooth next to a top front tooth. Maybe we can dress him up as a gnarled hag for Halloween.

He also went to take pictures for his passport today. Kevin reports the event was lengthy, but he is actually smiling and it's a very cute picture. Kevin picked up his birth certificate so tomorrow we can all go to the city office (approximately 5 blocks away) and apply for his passport. Nowadays, both parents have to be present in person for a child's passport.

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September 08, 2009

Non-holiday weekend

We had a pretty mellow holiday weekend. Didn't do much of anything, actually, which was fine. Kevin and Theo went out to Riverside to visit Kevin's maternal grandmother. Scout seems to have developed a cough. We decided to give it two days and thought she was doing better tonight until she had 3 attacks in a row. I guess we're going to take her to the vet tomorrow, where he'll say that there's nothing wrong with her. I tried to give her some honey in case her throat was irritated (I read a research study that showed that regular honey was more effective for coughs in children than actual cough medicine), but she was having none of that. It ended up all over her face and was very Winnie the Pooh-esque. It's really ironic that the dog most resistant to use helping them is the one who has all the problems.

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September 05, 2009


Theo has his first round of unassisted forward locomotion!

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September 03, 2009

What goes on when you're not looking...

So this is what goes on when you're not on Facebook.

Shelby eats Chocolate-Covered Bacon at the Orange County Fair! Yes--it was disgusting. Not because it was chocolate-covered bacon, but because both the bacon and the chocolate were gross individually, which does not combine to a quality product. I may make some of this at home with my own good bacon and good chocolate.

Also, what the hell kind of expression is on the face of the woman behind me???

Like mother, like son...

Fun times at Disneyland with our friends Dave and Chelsea!

Eh, maybe I posted some of these already. I can't remember.
Theo and I take a dip in our inflatable pool in the backyard. It was a bitch to blow up this whale. I mean that literally--it's shaped like a whale. This was, obviously, pre-knee surgery and pre-hair cut.

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